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Speed Dating Review Feedback.  We send out our own online Feedback Review survey to our clients.  We have nearly 3500 returned surveys.

If you are searching for Speed Dating reviews you are also smart enough to realise you can't always believe everything you read.  Anybody can (and has) written fake reviews or even create completely fake "Speed Dating Reviews" websites to go along with their fake google reviews.  Any new start up company can and have made up fake positive reviews for themselves and negative reviews against their competitors. If a business has only been running for 18 months how can they have 100+ positive reviews.  You don't have be Eistein or search very hard to see which small, start company has done this...

You don't stay in business since 2004 without good customer service and many, many happy clients.

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Speed Dating Venue review.


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Speed Dating food review above.  We provide some nibbles to go with your complimentary drink and 15-18 dates for the evening.


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