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Dijana Veljanovska     Ideal Physiotherapy 40 Grantham St, Brunswick VIC 3055.

Dijana Veljanovska from Brunswick in Melbourne has been banned twice from our events.  As a rebuttal to her Product Review post, here is our evidence as to why she was banned twice.


Banned twice from our events.  Banned once, then signed up with slightly different details below. 


Dijana Veljanovska came to 4 of our events before your first ban, then another 3 events before we got another complaint. Like alot of our repeat customers, you must really enjoy our events to come to 7 of them and then run the risk of trying to sneak in again.

You can see the sign up details with the variations below.


21004 dijana  16/01/1982 Female This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   478290361      
Dee Veljanovska 15-01-1982 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   0478290361


Here are some quotes from Dijana Veljanovska
"Got fuck yourslef you money hungry cunts I asked what fuck day was it refunded it’s not on my card I have checked you idiot why do you think I keep emailing you fuck head"
"I'm going to consumer affairs and posting reviews to  Make sure you don't steal anyone else's money fucken scum  Bags"
"There is no auto emails up so you better check that . You have clearly seen the messages and ignoring meAnd the event was nov 30 , so you has adequate time to do this so you better organise a refund by today before I take this matter further. I will start posting on social media on the weekend and ruin your business . You clearly don't respect people's time  And your events are shit anyway  Return my money scum"
" GET FUCKED And return my fucken money Security ?? What a joke of a message you can’t even confirm a venue let alone have security
fUCK off !!!"
"They are lying dogs who clearly can’t take criticism and aren’t saying I loved their event ! And was banned twice !"


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