Tommy Damani is the absolute king of writing FAKE speed dating reviews.  Born overseas, Tommy Damani owns a new, little part time business called Singles Events Melbourne. 

How does a small, part time business that only operates in only one city get so many positive speed dating reviews in just 18 months ?  Very easy, Tommy writes the reviews himself.

He writes many fake speed dating reviews all over the internet, positive ones for his business and negative ones against other companies that operate in Melbourne.  But it wasn't just enough for him to write a few fake reviews, no Tommy Damani had to go one step further and create a complete FAKE website called Tommy has no shame, he is well known for going into backpacker pubs and going up and down the streets of Melbourne giving out free tickets.

We have teamed up with other Speed Dating companies around Australia and are currently taking legal action over Tommy Damani and his fraudulent reviews.