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All you wanted to know about Speed Dating.

What is the success rate at a Speed Dating Australia Event?
Out of all the thousands of Speed Dating Events we have ever hosted I would say that at about a third of all events EVERYBODY gets at least one match. For the rest of the time one, maybe two guys might miss out. We are yet to ever see a girl not receive any ticks!! We do encourage you to tick as many people as you want. Whats the harm in growing your current circle of friends or to catch up with someone for an hour over a coffee?

I am nervous about going by myself...
A very common concern. The worse thing is actually thinking about it. Once you are there, look around the room and see everyone, the nerves do calm down. One of our two hosts will introduce you to one or two others that have come by themselves. Its a fun, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Speed Dating is a great way to make new friends, with both guys and girls. The time seems to fly by once the Speed Dating begins. As the night comes to a conclusion you will wonder what you were ever nervous about to begin with!

What sort of people will I meet?
Average normal people just like you and me. Friendly, honest, sincere people who value their time and can see all the benefits Speed Dating has to offer. Many of our participants are teachers, accountants, nurses, IT workers, dentists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, consultants, public service or government employees, clerical workers etc. We have even had pilots and professional athletes - you never know what sort of interesting people you will meet at a Speed Dating Australia Event.

What do I wear?
Dress to impress, first impressions count. The standard of dress attire is quite high at our events. Participants put alot of time and effort into the way they present themselves. Some people come straight from work so you might see a suit or two. Guys, collared shirt and a nice pair of pants would be advisable. Clean shaven with clean nails, hair and shoes are all little things girls look for.

How many people will I met?
All of our events consist of 15-18 couples.

When will I receive my matches?
All matches are sent out via email within 24 hrs of the event finishing. If you do not have internet access, we will ring or SMS your results.

I went to a competitor and there was uneven numbers, is that common?
We pride ourselves on having even numbers of both guys and girls. We double and even triple check that the numbers are even on the night.

What do I talk about?
You will be surprised how quickly each indivdual Speed Date goes, running out of things to say is almost impossible! Try to think of something a little different from all the usual questions you would normally ask on a first date eg, work, interests, family etc. These sorts of questions can get a bit repetative by the last few Speed Dates. We have a list of Ice Breakers.

What not to talk about?
Please do not ask for contact details or make your questions too personal. As an inside tip DO NOT talk about ex partners or mention in six minutes that you are looking for a wife/husband. Be fun, upbeat and positive. Nobody likes a negative/complaining person!

What time do the events start and finish?
Most Speed Dating Events start at 7:30 and finish around 10:15. There are two breaks through out the evening for food and a complimentary drink.

What types of payment are accepted?
We accept credit card and direct deposit. All credit card payments are done via Paymate. Paymate is widely regarded as the fastest and most secure transaction service on the internet. We have been using them since early 2004 and with over 70,000 transactions without a problem, we have nothing but praise for them.

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