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Speed Dating Australia - About us

Customer Service is very important to our clients and who can blame them? You are putting yourself out there with 29 other strangers and would like to be made as comfortable and welcome as possible. Bottom line is that you have paid your money and expect a quality night out. You deserve the night to be well organised and to run smoothly with friendly,caring hosts who have your best interest at heart.

Virtually all of our employees or hosts are either family members or friends. We have quite a large extended family throught Australia and very rarely ever employ outside of that. After all, who is going to care more about your Speed Dating Event or our company's reputation for that matter: a friend/family member or a complete stranger?

Do we do anything new or different in the ever evolving world of Speed Dating? No, we just put alot of time and effort into organising each event carefully. We don't rush our events, scraping around to get numbers at the last minute. We would rather wait and plan each event carefully, rather than trying to pump out as many events as possible.

Referrals - Spreading the word

About 40% of all our new registered members have been referred by a friend or family member who has been to one of our Speed Dating Events. That means alot to us, knowing that someone enjoyed their night with us that much as to tell their friends or family. We have many loyal members who offer great feedback and we thank them for their support.

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